Howard R. Jean, education reformer and servant leader, is dedicating his life to inspiring young people, influencing educators and instilling a sense of purpose in those he comes in contact with. Jean’s purpose was defined early on as he joined the noble and fulfilling field of education.

As an educator, Jean is transforming classrooms, communities and changing paradigms that yield way to a new and effective way of positively enhancing the well being of people. Jean has worked with nationally recognized organizations as well as small community based organizations, providing leadership, support and services that are still benefiting respective clients and partners.

Through his dynamic professional background, Jean has built a national network of support that allows him to achieve multi-layered goals across disciplines that have educational implications. His active network includes powerful executives, seasoned educators and those who work influential the media space.

Leveraging his experience, his national network and the gift of relationship building, Jean is continually able to create data driven results that help support those he works with. His ambition is driven by his predecessor’s tireless sacrifices and struggle to bring the dream of equality, liberty & the pursuit of happiness to everyone.